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Sizzling hot video clips from some of Carmen’s movies

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Here are some video clips taken from some of Carmen Electra’s movies. The brunette vixen has always made it a point that she’s not shy about nudity. From Playboy to her strip dancing exercise DVDs, Carmen has always been sexual and always sizzles in her shoots. This outspoken Hollywood celebrity is not uncomfortable when the subject is sex. She even admits that she loves sex so much and can’t stop thinking about it! On Crazy 4 Carmen Electra blog, it was mentioned that she has a lingerie fetish and recommends that girls wear lingerie to spice up their sex life. She said that it would do wonders for a couple in bed. Well, whether wearing lingerie or not, Carmen Electra is always smoking hot and in my opinion, should be always present in anyone’s sexiest women of the world list.

Enjoy the full version of the video clips by clicking on the thumbnails. Or if you want more images of Carmen having sex and doing naughty stuff, click here to be redirected to the best online resource on her sexual activities.